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Having looked at lots of other people’s code I’ve always felt alone in my tendency to not use deeply nested indentation in my C code. Most code I’ve seen looks like:
if (foo) {
  if (bar) {
    if (gloo) {
  } else {
That’s the “deep indentation” style. This is really reduced example and doesn’t show that in real code the else clause is usually empty or very short and the code implements the pattern (if something succeeded and another thing succeeded, and third thing succeeded, then do something useful), otherwise just exit or return error code. I tend to write this type of code as:
if (!foo)
if (!bar)
if (!gloo)
// ... and now do the thing
I find it easier to read and that’s an important property of code. I always thought that I’m the only one who does that, but now I know that other people do that too.

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