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here are 2 comments on Adam’s piece worth addressing. Since it looks like commenting on that post has been disabled, I’ll do it here.
First, Kurt calls Dare a hypocrite for complaining about Google while being a Microsoft guy. It’s really uncalled for becuse Dare didn’t complain, I did. Dare just pointed to my post and added neutral commentary. Just for the record: I, just like Adam, used to work for Microsoft. But I no longer do.
More importantly, Chris DiBona, formerly a Slashdot editor and contributor to a book on open source, now a Google employee, calls me ignorant and lazy for not knowing about Google’s open source contributions.
Maybe I am. However: - I do follow my share of open source projects (a bad addiction, really) and I’ve never seen a Google employee participating in them. Which, of course, proves nothing but one data point is better than zero. - I did ask on my weblog for pointers to Google’s contributions. Despite temporary popularity of my blog, no-one sent me any. - I’ve read all the weblog posts commenting on my piece and no-one else in blogosphere was any less ignorant or lazy. All that leads me to believe that Google’s contribution, if not a mythical creature, is not that easy to find.
Chris promises a list of Google’s contributions in “coming months”. I would rather have it now. The good thing about promising to do something months from today is that you don’t have to do it. You can just rely on the fact that everybody will forget that you’ve made such promise.

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