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I have to say that Microsoft often surprises me. Last time it was explosion of bloggers among Microsoft employees. Today it’s product feedback center where people can submit bugs and suggestions on developer tools. As far as I can tell this is the first such initiative from such a big company for a non-open source product.
It’s interesting not only because Microsoft is brave enough to host a website that lists only bad things about their software (imagine what ammunition it’ll be for a ms-haters, ultimate proof that ms software is full of bugs).
Looking through comments on those bugs, Microsoft is really reading bug reports, tries to repro them and fix them.
I haven’t seen such openess in a software company of this size. Where’s similar commitment from IBM, Borland, Adobe, Apple, Macromedia?
Just in case anyone was wondering, this is an example of one of those little things that Microsoft does that made them the biggest software company.

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