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Browsing Since 1968 website is painful. Only the main page has full posts. It doesn’t provide monthly archives and category archives only provide post summaries. I’m only bitching about this because it’s an interesting weblog and I would like to quickly read all past entries but the site isn’t designed for that.
Also, its RSS feed only provides post summaries. The “full body” vs. “summary” battle will never be settled - different people have different preferences. From my personal experience: I always unsubscribe from feeds that don’t provide full posts. It’s not to make a point or force my point of view on the world. I subscribe to more than a 100 blogs. The only way I can keep up with that in a reasonable amount of time is via highly tuned reading process in RSS aggregator of my choice (Feed Demon). Feeds with summaries break my reading flow. I can rarely tell from the summary if the post is interesting enough to read so I have to switch to a browser. And even if I could tell, if a weblog has a large percentage of interesting posts, I would have to switch to a browser anyway.
Now to the real point of this article: all weblogs should provide “previous N posts” and “next N posts” at the bottom of of the page. It greately helps reading past posts on a blog that a person just found.
Unfortunately I’m guilty of not providing that. It’s not available by default in WordPress and I don’t know WordPress well enough to implement it myself. If it’s possible at all (without extensive hacking), it would probably take a form of some arguments to index.php.

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