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Spent most of the time porting SumatraPDF online from svelte to alpine.js and porting CSS to tailwindcss.
There isn't much code to begin with so not much left to port.
I'm curious how far can I go with alpine.js instead of svelte. Svelte is great but it's a framework that takes over your whole setup. That setup can be hard to debug if something goes wrong.
Alpine.js allows to sprinkle components with reactive data. It's annoying to debug when something goes wrong and I'm still learning the right ways of doing things in it.
In theory there's no limit on how far to take it. If photopea is written in just JavaScript and https://nomadlist.com/ is a single PHP files, I can implement everything in plain HTML + JavaScript + a sprinkle of Alpine.
Also, implemented a spinner for indicating upload in progress in https://instantpreview.dev

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