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I procrastinate by reading books.
Recently I’ve been procrastinating a lot which resulted in finishing about 5 books.
Blown to bits is one of them.
The main theme of the book is how the new economics of information (enabled by Internet) are changing some of the businesses.
Main thesis is that there is often a trade-off between reach and richness. E.g. a bookstore chain offers a great reach (i.e. they are present everywhere) but because of that they have to limit richness (i.e. number of books they offer).
Amazon, thanks to the internet, can offer both richness (a lot of books) and reach and is one of the examples how Internet blows this trade-off to bits and as a result challenges established players in the market.
First chapter has a great story of how Encarta blew Encyclopaedia Britannica to bits.

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