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Good, advanced book on C that teaches how to design and implement good, re-usable interfaces.
It describes design and implementation of 24 interfaces (e.g. better memory allocation primitives, better string-handling primitives, lists, dynamic arrays, bit vectors, sequences, threads, etc.).
The book is not about analyzing and designing algorithms or data structures but about practical issues of how to design good interface (which is surprisingly hard).
It’s very to the point. It doesn’t have the flowery prose of many O’Reilly books.
Two tips from the book worth remembering:
  • the only way to get good performance is by profiling. Always prefer a clean code over what you think is more efficient code. First you might be wrong (as most people are) and second you might not need the speed in the first place (if you speed up by 100% code that only takes 1% of total execution time, you’ll improve total execution time by only imperceptible 0.5%).
  • use assert generously

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