What is Fofou?

Fofou is forum software build for Google App Engine with a port in Go. It stands for Forums For You.

Why another forum software?

I wrote it because it solved my problem: I needed a hassle-free forum software for hosting discussions for my various projects. I also wanted it to be like Joel On Software forums.

I was running FruitShow (a PHP implementation of this idea) on my server, but messing with MySQL and PHP and Apache is not my idea of "hassle-free", so I ported FruitShow to Google App Engine hosting platform, so that it can be installed in minutes and hosted for free.

For more pontification, read the propaganda.

Features, briefly

  • easy to install, free to run, thanks to App Engine
  • thoughtfully designed for communities
  • perfect as forum software for your small software business or open-source project
  • simple thus easy to use for your potential users
  • no registration necessary to post
  • built-in support for Google Analytics

Who's using it?

Are you using it? Let me know.

Get it

Fofou is available in source code. Get it from github.com/kjk/fofou and install on your App Engine account.


Fofou is partially in Public Domain and partially under BSD license. Free to use and abuse.

Fofou is written by Krzysztof Kowalczyk